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Expect to have FUN!

I get to know my clients on a personal level, am super down to earth, and promise to help you relax and have fun. I will show the real you. No fads, no crazy weird filters, just you. Your images will pass the test of time.

Bring your stuff! The more the better and the more personal and unique we can make your session! Bring your cello, soccer cleats, paint brushes, snowboard and your favorite outfits, but leave your fake eyelashes at home!  



Don’t know what to wear? Be yourself. Wear your typical “go-to” outfit. No need to shop and buy fancy clothes that you have never worn before. The more comfortable you are, the more confident you will be, and that will show in your images! Also, can you bend over in that shirt? Super revealing clothing will restrict the angles and creativity of your session.

Locations! I have a ton of favorite places that we can utilize. But I’d love to come to your farm, your secret spot or any location that has a special meaning to you! Get creative and bring me with you on an adventure!

I promise to put your nerves at ease when we meet, but don’t hesitate to bring your encouraging and joyful person with you. Your fashionista friend or your supportive mother!

It might be helpful to have that person by your side!

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